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February 20, 2018
At our daughter’s wedding reception held at the farm several years ago, my younger brother, Bill (an outstanding internal medicine doctor, living in Boulder for the last 30+ years), was drinking a glass of red wine with obvious relish. My father-in-law, Ralph, (the model of all that is good and right in the Scottish Presbyterian tradition) approached. Bill, “I drink red wine for my heart.” Ralph, “That’s the same reason I eat oatmeal.”
January 12, 2018
On Tuesday nights, we usually have the kids and grandkids to supper. It started with tacos, so we call it Taco Tuesday, but we don’t let the name limit the menu. This week we had Beef Flambeau from The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook by Shannon Hayes ....

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Family Value Bundle

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Family Value Bundle

20 lb Ground Beef Bundle

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20 lb Ground Beef Bundle

50 Pound Ground Beef Bundle

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$350.00/ea (50 Pounds of Our Premium Ground Beef)
50 Pound Ground Beef Bundle

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