South Louisiana Rice N' Gravy

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South Louisiana Rice N' Gravy
Rice N' Gravy like your momma n them used to make
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 4



2-3 lbs Top Round or 7 Steak

2 Medium onions

3-5 cloves of chopped garlic

1 pint of beef stock (our recipie or canned)

1 pint of water

Salt and pepper to taste 

Heat some oil on a medium high heat, we prefer lard, but whatever you normally cook with is fine. Generously season the steak with salt and pepper. Brown the meat on each side for 5-10 minutes until it develops a nice color. Remove meat from pan and add a little more oil. Add your onions and garlic, and stir them around to deglaze the pan, until they are golden brown and starting to caramelize. Add the meat back on top the onions and garlic. Add beef stock and/or water, about a quart total. Bring to a boil then put the lid on and reduce heat. Simmer for around and hour and a half or until meat is tender. Serve over rice. 

**Tip : If the meat is taking too long to get tender, cut it into smaller chunks across the grain and put it back in the gravy**.   **My Mom likes to add chopped sweet pepper and/or celery at the same time as the onion.**

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