Pan Fried Chicken Fingers

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Pan Fried Chicken Fingers
Like most kids, mine love chicken fingers. I have found most of the ones in the grocery store are either terrible for you, taste bad, extremely expensive, or a combination of all three. Baked, they never come out crispy, and frying makes a huge mess in my experience, then you have to figure out what to do with the grease. So I set out on a quest to make my own. What I came up with is a quick, tasty, mostly healthy alternative. And my kids really liked them to boot. We even sent some in Cece's lunch the next day and got a thumbs up! I chose to use coconut oil, because its what I had, it has a medium high smoke point, and thought its mildly sweet flavor would be a good addition to the chicken. Beef tallow, Pastured Pork Lard, or Avocado Oil would all be good healthy substitutes.


This Recipe makes 2 servings


1 pack chicken breasts or chicken tenders

3/4 cup of whole grain bread crumbs (easy to make out of your favorite bread)

3 tbsp of organic flour

1 egg

1/4 cup milk 

salt and pepper to taste

enough oil to barely cover the bottom of your pan

1. If using whole breasts cut into strips

2. whisk together egg and milk

3. combine bread crumbs, flour, salt, and pepper on a plate or in a ziplock bag

4. turn on fire to medium heat and add oil. Heat until it starts to shimmer in pan. While oil is heating, dip chicken in egg mixture and roll it around in bread crumbs, lightly pressing on them in to ensure dry ingredients stick well.

5. Lay several tenders in pan, but do not crowd them. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side or until they reach internal temp of 165 degrees.  

6. Take chicken out of the pan and lay on paper towels to drain excess oil.  

The whole process took me less than 30 min too!

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