40 Pound Beef Box

40 Pound Beef Box

Our Biggest Sampler Pack Ever! 160 4 oz Servings approximately $10/lb or $2.50 per serving
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This Bundle is 40lbs of our Delicious grass fed beef.  The amount of ground beef may vary depending on the weights of the other cuts but you are guaranteed at least 10lbs.

What will I get?

Beef For Special Occasions:

Bone in Ribeye -2                                          

Ny Strip - 4

Top Sirloin - 1

Beef For Everyday:

Round Steak - 4

Seven Steak - 1

Short Ribs - 4 packs (about 10 pcs per pack)

Osso Bucco (beef shank) -3 packs (2 rounds per pack)

Chuck Roast - 1 (2.5-3.5lbs)

Rump Roast -1 (2-3lbs) 

Ground meat - At least 10lbs