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Beef is now for sale in individual packages at the farm. This is especially good news for our customers who like ground beef, as we expect to carry it year round. Also, we are offering Specialty Meats for the first time-organ meats, tongue and tail in limited amounts. We sell by appointment, so email or call ahead for Grass Fed Beef. Grass Fed 'n Finished Beef as shares of an animal is still reserved in advance by sending $200 per quarter for the next harvest, Fall 2012.

Grass Fed Beef Prices
Ground, 25 + pounds-$6.75/lb
Liver-$7.00 per 1 pound pack

Let's Talk About the Weather. Why are farmers obsessed with the weather? Before I took over the farm, I wondered why my father-in-law turned on a television for weather news at 5 am, noon, 5 pm and 10 pm as religiously as a good monk sings his liturgy. Now I faithfully consult my iphone weather app.
It's because every aspect of the farm is weather related. It affects your planning for the day, the week, the season. Want to build a fence? If the ground is too dry-too hard to set posts. If the soil is too wet-posts won't tamp. How does your garden grow? With enough rain to sustain it, but not so much that it washes the planting away, or drowns the roots. With enough warmth to germinate the seed, but not burn the leaves.
Predicting the weather is a science. Judging the weather is part of the art in artisanal farming.

Goat Gab . The taste for goat meat is spreading across the country and has come to Louisiana, so we are expanding the herd to keep up with demand. Premium singleton kids are now offered as Brookshire's Best Goat Kids, yielding 20 to 30% more delicious meat for the same age kid. Our next crop will be ready in July. Reserve by sending $120 ($145 for Brookshire's Best) to the farm.


   An Old Farmer's Advice:
The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

Newsletter: Vol 6 No 1-Spring 2012