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Goat Gab We have 7 goat kids that will be ready to harvest as early as March or as late as Roman Easter (April 8), Passover (April 7-13), or Greek Easter (April 15). Reserve your grass fattened kid now by sending $90 to the farm at 8916 Brookshire Road, Abbeville 70510.


Beef News: We have a new pure bred Hereford bull, pictured here. He comes to us from a grass based ranch in Florida. "He spoke not a word but went straight to his work."

Exciting news is that we have labels approved by the State that will allow us to sell ground meat and smaller packages of beef. We will be at farmers markets, and people who prefer can taste our product before they buy in quantity. You will receive a notice about how to order ASAP. Your best price will always be preordered beef shares. Many thanks to our loyal customers whose first order was a leap of faith. We are taking reservations for Spring with a $200 deposit per quarter.

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   An Old Farmer's Advice:
Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Newsletter: Vol 5 No 2-Winter 2011