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Lee Kelly, Grazing and Livestock Specialist, Has Joined Brookshire Farm

Hi to Everyone. It is my pleasure to now be making my home at Brookshire Farm as farm manager. People are becoming increasingly aware of all the benefits of Grass-based meats and fresh, local foods. Brookshire Farm offers this incredible connection between the producer and the ultimate consumer. We provide our customers with knowledge of where their food comes from and a healthy food choice. My role is to be a steward of the land and the livestock that graze the pastoral environment here at Brookshire Farm. I hope to contribute to the continuing success of this wonderful and dynamic farm business.

I have a life-long, broad-based farming background. I grew up on a twenty acre dairy farm in the fertile San Joaquin Valley of California that raised all types of domestic farm animals and worked my way through college in the University of Idaho's swine operation. A great college education opened up many doors, and I spent almost a decade working for the University of Idaho as their manager of sheep operations. During the 90's I had my own sheep farm in the lovely Willamette Valley of Oregon, where I was actively direct marketing over 500 lambs a year. A lifetime ambition to live on the east coast led me there, but after a few years in the public sector farming large properties, I yearned to leave the Northeast and return to the countryside.

I love growing forage and I especially love grazing livestock on forage all year round. Direct marketing to folks is also something that I have enjoyed in the past and look forward to rekindling in the present. So here I am. May I say that I welcome the opportunity to meet you in the future. Farm visits are encouraged; just drop me an email or give me a call to set up a time. Good Day.

Pack 'N Paddle in Lafayette will be hosting a screening of FRESH (, a documentary about sustainable agriculture, on Thursday, May 14 from 6-8 pm. As this is a topic dear to our hearts, Anne, Cat and Lee are planning to attend and would like to invite you to join us if you are able. Admission is free.

Goat Gab: The goats are doing great! Our goats are more popular than ever; we are sold out until September, and we will only have a few available then. Cat ( is always happy to answer any questions you have about our goat operation or goats in general.

Beef Update
SOLD OUT FOR SPRING of Brookshire Farm quarters, halves or whole beeves.
We are selling Fall shares. Reserve yours with $200 per quarter sent to the farm.

A few Grass Fed 'n Finished GROUND BEEF SHARES are available now in 25 pound ($6/lb=$150) or 50 pound ($5.60/lb=$280) shares. Reserve yours by sending full payment to Brookshire Farm, 8916 Brookshire Road, Abbeville 70510. The ground beef will be packaged in 1 to 1 1/2 pound packages, double wrapped in clear shrink paper, labeled and flash frozen. The harvest date is May 5th. The ground beef can be picked up at the Farm on or after May 22nd.

Our ground beef is a high quality, dry-aged beef. We select for leanness without sacrificing flavor. All our animals are raised on forage their entire lives and are never fed antibiotics or treated with hormones.

   An Old Farmer's Advice:
Just when I thought I'd heard the stupidest thing, ever, that fella' kept on talking!

Newsletter: Vol 4 No 1-Spring 2010