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Pamplona Tapas Bar, Downtown Lafayette, recently featured Brookshire Farm pastured veal. Chef William Annesley and his wife Karina opened the restaurant last fall with a shared philosophy that good food starts with wonderful, sometimes exotic, ingredients to which they apply Chef William's genius. You will savor each delicious dish. We feasted on a veal shoulder roast which Chef William braised in herbs and butter and served with sweet peppers and roasted potatoes. I heard glowing reviews of tenderloin baked in puff pastry, some of the variety meats (tongue and kidney,) and veal lasagna.
The event was such a success that Chef William plans to do it again soon. When I have the dates, I will email you so you can call the restaurant, speak to the Chef and reserve the cuts that you prefer. He suggests crown roast, shoulder or tenderloin; and for the more adventuresome, he is brilliant with variety meats.

Beef Update

The cattle are fat and happy, thanks to bountiful summer rains. We have one or two quarters left for the fall and then will begin taking reservations for the Spring of 2009. Send a $200 deposit to the farm to reserve a beef quarter. I expect to harvest late October. After 14 to 21 days of dry aging, we will have grass finished beef on your table by mid-November.

Have you been to the Brookshire Farm web site lately? On the Home page, click on that arrow you see just below "Moonie's" eye to go to the Fox 8 News clip on grass fed beef. Celebrity status has not changed Moonie one bit.
At From the Kitchen, click Recipes, then Beef and you will find we have added several great ideas for ground beef. The recipes now are organized by cuts of beef so when you pull beef out of your freezer, it is easy to decide how to prepare it. Send us your favorite recipes so we can share them with everyone by putting them up on the web site.

Goat Gab

Exciting News For Brookshire Farm Goats and I believe the rest of us will benefit, too.

Cat Ellison, our daughter, has moved from "Big D" back to the farm. Her husband, Mike, is based in Los Angeles but works from home. Home can be anywhere he has high speed internet access, and they have chosen Meaux, Louisiana. Ben and I are delighted to have them close, and Luke is happy to now assist with goats but be focused on cows. In addition to improving their daily care, Cat is evaluating the goat enterprise and will decide how far it can expand to supply customer demand and meet our original goal. The reason we have goats is the symbiosis with cattle in a sustainable farming system. Goats prefer browse, like briars and tree sprouts; cows prefer grass and clover. What many farms consider weeds that inspire chemical controls, our goats turn into fertilizer for healthier pastures. Goat meat has delicate flavor more similar to beef or venison and is significantly leaner than lamb. We will keep you posted as the supply increases and we can offer more to you.

   An Old Farmer's Advice:
           Trying to give advice about something you ain't never done
                        is like telling a story about a trip you ain't never been on.

Newsletter: Vol 2 No 2 - Summer 2008