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Sustainable Agriculture is an idea you may have heard kicking around lately. Although it is currently trendy, it is really just a new way of expressing the way our family has farmed for generations. A sustainable system produces food that is healthy, using practices that safeguard the environment, respect workers and promote animal welfare. It rejects the idea that only cheapness per calorie matters.

This is our farm house. It was built by Ben's great grandparents in the 1840's, expanded by his grandfather in the 1920's and restored by Ben and me in 1991.

In 1997, we became the 6th continuous generation to live in this house and raise beef. The Seven Sisters rose in the foreground grew from a 2002 cutting of a plant my great grandmother carried by covered wagon from Oklahoma to Kansas in 1910. We are part of a grass-roots effort to produce wholesome and delicious food using practices that nourish the land. You support this effort when you buy from our farm.

Beef Update

Reserve Your Grass fed Ground Beef - Available in April

$60 will purchase 10 one pound packages of ground Brookshire Farm Beef.

$135 will purchase 25 (10 % discount) one pound packages of our delicious ground beef.

Our beef features the nutritional benefits of being grass fed and the exceptional flavor of dry aged beef. This cow was born and raised on pasture here on the farm, has never been fed grain and is chemical free. You must preorder by sending your check to the farm. Then, visit the farm the last Saturday in April (26th) between 10 AM and 5 PM to pick up your meat, or you may email or call to make other arrangements..

   An Old Farmer's Advice:

           If you find yourself in a hole, first thing to do is to stop diggin'.

Newsletter: Vol 2 No 1 - Spring 2008