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Newsletter:Vol.1 No.3 Fall 2007

Harvest Time: Time for Thanksgiving

Summer rains created a challenge. We were not able to plant the millet and sorghum we usually count on to assure quality beef in the fall. However, nature's bounty provided enough native forage to finish 3 beeves. In October, we were able to plant rye grass, deer forage and clover seed which is promising for a successful Spring harvest.

Ben and I host Thanksgiving on the Saturday After. With family in from Toledo and Cleveland, OH; Madison, WI; Katy and Dallas, TX; Monroe, Opelousas, and New Iberia, LA, we sat down to a sumptuous feast for 34 people aged 79 years to 2 months. There is much to be thankful for including memories of those who are no longer with us.

I heard a great story about my grandma Goldie Brownlee. She and my grandpa Ray reared their children, including my Dad, on a wheat farm in Kansas. Goldie raised chickens and would sell eggs and cream in town once a week. My sister remembered Goldie hitching the mules up to the wagon and loading the cream and eggs into the back. Then Grandma dressed up in the latest fashion, a turban and caftan inspired by Lawrence of Arabia which would have been playing in the movie theaters. With 5-year-old, bright-eyed Marilyn sitting next to her on the seat, she drove the team to town, singing at the top of her lungs the entire trip. Last January, the organist at Dad's funeral told me my grandmother had a wonderful voice and sang every Sunday in the church choir. As Goldie and Marilyn approached town, folks heard the singing and came out to the wagon to buy eggs and cream. My family sings around the piano every year on the Saturday After Thanksgiving. Some of those songs are the ones Marilyn has passed down from her market day trips with Grandma Goldie.

Goat Gab

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! - The goat is wonderfully tasty and my family loves it. I marinated the leg roast with olive oil, fresh garlic, and seasonings then cooked it with moist heat. It was delicious! I am planning to try the shanks in a stew this weekend." L.Mouton

We are getting great feedback on the goats we sold this fall. The Adobo (Polynesian Sweet n' Sour) recipe that you can find on the web site was delicious by acclamation when served to 30 people in October. You will have another chance to "get your goat" early next summer.

Beef Update  

We are increasing supply as quickly as we can to meet the growing demand for grass finished beef. Spring 2008 calves were pre-sold by the end of October. A deposit of $200 sent to the farm will reserve a split half (one quarter of a beef.)
We are now taking reservations for Fall 2008.

An Old Farmer's Advice:

Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.