Farming so traditional it’s innovative.

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J.F. from New Iberia reports,
"We had our first steaks Sunday night--those lovely tenderloins--and we've decided your new bull is a keeper! That was about the best steak I've ever cooked! I have a few tricks for making even a mediocre steak taste pretty good, but these were superb; in a restaurant, it would have easily been a $100+ meal.
Thanks for continuing to provide quality products."
“We tried the ground beef Sat. evening---delicious! My friend who grew up eating raw ground beef said it was the best that she had ever eaten. (She ate some raw with salt and pepper). It is so fresh, so nice to see the meat pink through and through rather than like the last I bought at the grocery store--pink on the outside and brown through the middle.” ---- S.R. from Kinder.

The Blanchet Family

Ben, Cat Ellison, Anne, & Bob.